Our Mission: To help your child develop the tools they need to overcome challenges they are facing, while preserving their wonderful and unique personalities. Our program utilizes various modalities to integrate primitive reflexes and organize the sensory systems in order to achieve this mission.

Primitive Reflexes are the reflexes that form in utero. They assist baby in the birthing process, getting their needs met, and self-preservation. Most of these reflexes integrate in the first year through movement, play and having basic needs met. There are several factors that can prevent integration or cause the brain to revert back to them. This can lead to various neurological, developmental, behavioral and emotional symptoms.

We use a combination of sound, light and movement therapies coupled with chiropractic adjustments to allow the reflexes to integrate as they should. Creating new neural pathways that move the brain from a primal state of reflexive responses to using executive function and higher levels of thinking.

What to Expect

  • 1st Visit:
    • Information gathering. (Prior to first visit intake filled out and returned).
    • Full history and comprehensive exam.
      Your child will go with Janell and/or Teighlor to complete their initial evaluation while you and the treating doctor have time to delve into your child’s history as well as your concerns and goals for them.
    • Plan for 60 min appointment.
  • 2nd Visit:
    • Report of Findings.
    • Bring decision makers to this visit as we will be discussing findings from our exam and their care plan.
    • What our plan of action will be and description of resources.
    • Plan for 45 min appointment, your child does not have to be present at this appointment.
  • 3rd Visit: Plan begins. Yay!
    • Subsequent visits will be around 30 minutes.

Subsequent visits will be around 30 minutes.

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