Janell Huff, Connect Clinical Coordinator

Janell works closely with Dr. Alyssa as a Connect Clinical Coordinator. Janell sees our young chiropractic patients where she supports children in incorporating their primitive reflexes, sensory systems, and teaching them exercises that develop fine and gross motor skills.

Janell earned her degree in Early Childhood Education at Missouri State University, with certification in Special Education. She has experience with occupational therapy in clinical and classroom settings. She began receiving chiropractic care at age 13 to help treat Juvenile RA. As a result, she was able to stop all medication and went into remission! She is the mother to one daughter and two sons and Janell continues to incorporate chiropractic care into her family’s health regimen.

Teighlor Nordstrom, Connect Clinical Assistant

Teighlor is our Connect Clinical Assistant, she assists Janell and our doctors in using our Neurofeedback and QRI systems. The QRI helps with integrating reflexes in children and adults. The QRI laser helps develop the neurological connections for all condition movement; the primary use of which is helping our patients integrate their primitive reflexes. NFB is helpful with balancing the brain waves. For anxiety, depression, ADHD, etc.

Teighlor is currently going to school at Fort Hays State University, she is working towards her degree in child development and hopes to pursue a career working with kids in the health care profession. Teighlor is the new mom to a tortie kitten named Callie. In her free time she enjoys going to concerts and being with her family.