Our team of chiropractors use a number of highly-effective adjusting approaches to aid in improve spinal biomechanics and regulate the nervous system. The approach we use is based on our clinical judgment and years of experience.

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Chinese Medicine is a holistic system that looks at the body, mind, and spirit as one. It can be used to treat nearly all illnesses and ailments, because it is based on the theory of balance. Acupuncture and other modalities are applied to help correct any problems with the qi flow and encourage the body to restore harmony.

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Functional Movement Therapy

Functional Movement Therapy at First Choice addresses a wide variety of issues and complications. Here you can find information about some of the most common problems and diagnoses we treat, as well as information on the multiple disciplines used during treatment. During our appointments, you’ll be learning in-depth about your individual child’s cues and needs. In turn, they will know themselves better. My goal is for your child and their caregivers to work together often during our sessions to maximize outcomes by emphasizing and improving the quality of the parent-child relationship and enhancing parent-child interaction patterns. They will know their bodies better, and thereby be equipped with their own sense of individual regulation.

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Connect Program

Our Connect program sees our young chiropractic patients when they need assistance with incorporating their primitive reflexes and stabilizing their sensory systems. This program helps teach exercises that develop fine and gross motor skills.

The QRI laser helps develop the neurological connections for all condition movement; the primary use of which is helping our patients integrate their primitive reflexes. When these crucial connections do not mature the patient may experience specific neurological challenges.

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TOT Clinic

TOT clinic is our once a month clinic for pre-crawling infants who may need functional assessment for tethered oral tissue. Tethered oral tissue is an unusually shortened, thickened, or tightened frenulum that restricts or limits necessary range and function of the structure, often resulting in reduced oral motor skills.

Underlying structural concerns often present as a variety of symptoms, including (but not limited to) nursing pain or difficulty, slow weight gain, failure to thrive, GERD, aerophagia, gas, constipation,  colic, and airway or respiratory issues. Other indicators of oral dysfunction include torticollis and cranial molding that does not resolve within the first 8 weeks.

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