Kristy Colley is a structural and functional bodyworker who treats a variety of specialty cases in the pediatric population. She has been with First Choice since 2013 and brings over 17 years of clinical experience. She is a Certified Educator of Infant Massage, Certified Pre- and Peri-natal Massage Therapist, Certified Massage Doula, certified TummyTime! Method™ Tutor, and certified in the use of the Hazelbaker Assessment Tool for Lingual Frenulum Function for identifying variations in tongue-tie, as well as extensive experience and training for identifying and treating oral tethers. Her additional training and certifications include (but are not limited to) therapeutic speech and facial massage, myofascial release, oncology massage, treatment of TMJ and sleep-disordered breathing, treatment for cranial nerve dysfunction, orthopedic massage, craniosacral therapy for infant feeding, breathing and airway patency, acupressure, electronic muscle stimulation, polyvagal treatment approaches, massage cupping, gua sha, Kinesio taping, and infant/child development.

Massage, touch, and movement affect our neurobiology and neurohormonal regulation through person-to-person interaction, and that’s how she likes to work: with you and your child, face-to-face, while eliciting structural and functional changes through healthy, responsive, adaptive touch.
Kristy serves a variety of cases with an approach to always be prepared. Her therapist toolbox is robust and reflects the myriad of therapeutic modalities and approaches that often combine functional movement with the assessment of kinesthetic patterns. Using hands-on, structural therapies, we optimize whole-body function, and through a strong understanding of our bodily systems (including sensory and regulatory systems), we recognize underlying patterns of dysfunction that may be inhibiting growth—and then use those to develop comprehensive, individualized treatment plans for patients and their families.

Kristy lives in Kansas City with her partner and son, who she considers her greatest teachers.

Kristy Colley, LMT, CST, CEIM, CPMT

  • Postural, mechanical, and soft tissue  disorders
  • TMJD and bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Open-mouth breathing
  • Oral posture
  • Plagiocephaly/Brachycephaly
  • Torticollis/Bodycollis
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Latch, breastfeeding and bottle feeding dysfunction
  • Disordered movement
  • Developmental delays of functional movement
  • Sensory processing dysfunction/disorders
  • Oral restrictions such as tongue tie, lip tie, and buccal tie
  • Low tone of mouth, neck, and facial musculature
  • TummyTime! education and classes.
  • Gastrointestinal issues, colic-like symptoms, and reflux
  • Fussiness/stiffness
  • Muscular tension and discomfort
  • Autonomic dysregulation and behavioral issues
  • Disordered breathing and airway patency
  • Failure-to-thrive or slow weight gain
  • Speech and feeding delays and/or disorders

Specialties seen by kristy:

*If you suspect your baby has any of these, contact your pediatrician and our office for an appointment—no referral is necessary.*

Kristy is the mother of one son, Maxson, who she considers her greatest and most precious teacher. Drawing value from her personal experience, she emphasizes improving the quality of the parent-child relationship and enhancing parent-child interaction patterns. Children and their caregivers work together often during sessions to maximize outcomes.